Monday, September 12, 2016

How to make a joiner?

2 weeks ago we have been working on some joiners.We displayed the joiners in the art show.
What is the art show?
The art show is a place at our school where everyone comes to see what we have been doing for art all the class's had different types of art. 

If you would like to make a joiner you've came to the right place! If you don't know what a joiner is the 2nd slide will tell you what a joiner is. Making joiners is a nerve-wrecking and difficult piece of art that we have ever made but the whole class finished their joiners! Please check out this presentation! I hoped you learnt how to make a joiner and enjoyed this post, remember to leave a helpful comment!


  1. Amie, lots of hard work went into these slides and also your physical joiner. Thank you for sharing these slides. Your next step is to aim to reflect more on your learning in your post, how did you find the process of creating a joiner?
    Mr Riceman

  2. Ni Hao, Mr.Riceman Thanks for the positive feedback about what I should work on next time thank you.


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