Monday, December 18, 2017

Setting Sail - 2nd Activity

Hello Blogging world! As you might know there is not only 1 activity for each days in the Summer Learning Journey, so this is my 2nd activity for the day. This activity we had to write a letter to a friend about our travel to New Zealand and moving to a new country we have never been on. Under this text is a letter that I sent for Lily. 

Dear: Lily,
over the past hours on the Waka I have had a successful but scary trip. I have tried eating a little all the time because I don't have limited food. Moving to a new country is surely scary, because I don't know where I will get money to buy the food and where will I stay for the night? How was your adventure to New Zealand Lily? Send me a letter!
From: Amie.

That was my letter to Lily about my 6 hour trip. I hoped you have enjoyed this blog post and would feel free to leave a comment to improve my work! Bye! Bye! Blogging world!  


  1. Hey Amie,

    What a creative letter you have written to Lily. I really liked how you imagined that you would have limited food on your journey to New Zealand. What kind of food would you take on a long adventurous journey like this? I think I would take a scroggin mix full of nuts, berries, and chocolate. Have you also thought about the kind of creatures you might see while crossing the ocean?

    Have a lovely day,

  2. Kia Ora Megan, thank you so much for commenting on my work and enjoyed my letter! On long adventures like this I would take some fruit, nuts, some candy and of course water! If I was crossing I would probably seen some sharks knowing that New Zealand is really close to Australia. Hope you have a nice day too!
    From: Amie


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