Friday, January 12, 2018

Flying Cars - Activity 2

Hello Blogging world! For this activity we had to imagine that we have just got our drivers licence, and our family decides to buy us a car. We had to choose out of these 3 cars and which one you would use and why. Here is what I would choose.

I would defiantly choose the white car because, it can probably fit 4 people rather than 2 people. The windows could probably go down all the way until you can't see it like the red car or you can just leave it closed up for warmth. The white car you can also fly with it so probably it is a special feature and most cars don't have it.

I would have chosen the black car because it can fit a lot of stuff and it is probably a 4WD, but the parking might be a little harder. 

I could have chosen the red car because it would be really refreshing and cool for the summer, but you can only fit 2 people!

Which car would have have chose? The red, The white or the black? Leave a comment down below! I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! Bye! Bye! Blogging world!


  1. Hey Amie,

    What an awesome post you have created. I like how you have included a photo of each car and described why you like each car. I would definitely choose the white car as well. Why would you drive, when you can fly. My trip down to Taupo to see my family would be a lot quicker if I could drive over all the Auckland traffic. In the future, do you think this car will be available for us to fly around New Zealand?

    Thank you for sharing your awesome ideas.

    Enjoy the sunshine,
    Megan :)

    1. Bonjour Megan, that is totally true I would also fly rather than drive! =D In the future I think that they would invent this car in New Zealand so I think it would be available. Thanks for commenting!
      From: Amie

  2. Kia Ora Amie,

    Cadence here from the Summer Learning Journey team! Great to see another activity completed.

    Seems to me like you have chosen this car based on some very practical decisions, so well done for that! I can see what you mean about parking. It could be very tricky with a big car. My car is quite small so I find it easy to zip into car parks.
    I reckon the black car is very practical for a large family, the more people you can fit in the better!

    If I have to choose, I would pick the white flying car. My reason for that is based on Auckland traffic. If my car could fly, I would never have to wait in busy traffic jams ever again or buy a plane ticket. It would be like having your own private jet!

    Keep up the great work, hope to see you online again soon.

    Best wishes,

    Cadence :)

    1. Ciao Cadence, great decision to have a mini car! It could be more useful but very chunky to park. That is a great reason that sounds kind of like the story about Madison Moon and the hot air balloon, because she never wanted to wait in traffic too! Instead she bought a hot air balloon.
      See you around,
      From: Amie


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