Monday, December 12, 2016

Fun! Fun! Fun! Making cybersmart games!

In the last month we have started making some awesome cybersmart games with our cybersmart teacher James, most people thought of using an idea of monopoly because it's quite famous and fun, so I also used the same template too but it's junior monopoly this time. This is a different version because it's all about learning and thinking about safety. James also made a game too so we can learn and get some information about what our games will be like. I made it in a google drawing because I thought it will be easier than making a slide and my game is not a pick a path game. I think making my game was really successful. 

Why did we do this? 
we did this because in cybersmart we always had to challenge ourselves with something we have never done before so we did this because making a game would take days to get it finished except normal activities that just take 2 or more hours to finish.

This is my game feel free look at this, if you want to play this here is the link ( ) Search this up or you can click on the image. 

I hope you enjoyed my game and this blog post! I think the game went well because it wasn't too easy and too hard and I think it was a pretty good challenge. I think I should of improved it by adding more activities to play. Don't forget to leave a P,T,H comment! To help improve this! Blog you later! 😊  

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