Thursday, December 1, 2016

Super hungry... nodding dog!

In the last weeks and month we have been studying about electricity to make our toys when the teacher said we had to make a toy with a mechanism I was like "We can't make a toy were not professionals!" I thought it was impossible but we had to go in buddies and had to make a plan so I went to the library to see other moving toys. I thought This book was really helpful "Models" but It didn't say who written it. This is how I found the perfect toy! My toy will be in the bottom of this post!

Why were we making toys?
We were making toys because it was our inquiry topic. We also made it because every year we have to make a model eg.(Making space stations, Bridges, Bird houses.) Making toys was really fun but lots of problems arose.

Why is this important?
This is important because everyone has to have a go to try make toys they never made sometimes we had to test the toys. This is also important because working with other people is good because you can make new friends, to make toys we had to problem solve which was the main thing.

What happens next?
After making the toys we have to take a photo for portfolios to go home and compare our toys to our home toys and see what the difference is and to show our parents what we've been doing past these weeks.
Me and my buddy didn't finish yet but were working on it! We had to problem solve the whole way now you have to pull the string and the tail and head will go up and down the dog will start eating the bone on the other side. Thank you for reading this please comment down below. Blog you later! 😁

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