Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Oction's description.

Hello blogging world! Last week we wrote a description about a character that we built ourselves on build our wild self this free app. If you would like to use build you wild self click here! This Y-chart describes Oction's personality, actions, looks and the setting. This y-chart will show you what she is like this y-chart which is down in this post will be telling you what I have created myself. First we copied this a document and added our plan into the document. In the document there are 3 boxes that talk about different things about Oction. Underneath this is my plan.

Here is my character description: ↓↓↓
Looks: This funky sea creature called Oction has slimy and jiggly tentacles that are just like jelly but they still helps her swim. Part of her body is land animal and the other half is a sea animal. She enjoys talking and mumbling to herself whenever she is bored. Her clean fluffy polar bear ears leaves her ears nice and warm. Weirdly she has a rock hard turtle back just like an hunchback. Whilst waving her mane and showing off she also likes waving her trunk everywhere like a fire match just so she can get all the food. A Slippery sea lion tail is not what she has always wished for because she can barely walk!

Actions: As I was saying long floppy trunks are really disturbing so she love swinging it everywhere to make way just so she can get the best things! Oction loves swishing her silky mane everywhere so everyone can complain repeatedly. Have you ever known how vicious lions are? Well that’s how she acts like. Strangely her sea lion tail keeps her going through her ocean life!

Personality: All what Oction does is swim! She constantly swims! Once people start teasing her or start talking to her she snatches them with her unexplainable sticky octopus suckers. The more adventurous she gets the more curious she will be, she loves exploring dark pitch black places in the silence alone. This creature loves exploring so she can find new ways to do things others can’t, so she is always striving for the top in a mean way! While staying in the deepest and the darkest part of the ocean her only friend is a still a starfish!
Thank you for looking at my work I hope that you have enjoyed this description! Please feel free to leave a P,T,H (Positive, Thoughtful, Helpful) comment to help my work! Blog you later! 😃

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