Friday, September 15, 2017

Minecraft work!

Hello blogging world! Last week as a whole Senior Syndicate everyone made any Minecraft character. I really liked making my Minecraft character because I like playing Minecraft. We used a spreadsheet to make our Minecraft characters because you can resize the columns and rows. It was quite difficult to resize them but I got the hang of it. Everyone had a really cool character. Under this text is my character!
 This is my link!                   

There is a link on the picture if you click on it. This is tiny but I can't fix it. From making this Minecraft character I learnt how to make the boxes smaller or bigger. This was also a maths activity. Maybe next time I could add some shoes to my Minecraft character and have my character more detailed. I hope that you have enjoyed my Minecraft character and will also get inspired to make this. Please feel free to leave a positive, thoughtful and helpful comment to help improve my blog posts! Bye! Bye! Blogging world! 

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