Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Acknowledging Ancestry - Activity 2

My Pepeha
No New Zealand Ahau
Ko Mt. Roskill Toku Maunga
Ko Manukau Toku Moana
Kei Auckland Taku Kainga
Ko Yao Long Toku Koro
Ko Gui Xiang Toku Kuia
Ko Hua Han Toku Koro
Ko Hui Zhen Tu Kuia
Ko Jerry Toku Papa
Ko Rui Ming Toku Mama
Ko Lily Toku Tuakana
Ko Jack Toku Tungane
Ko Amie Taku Ingoa

Tena Koto, 
Tena Koto, 
Tena Koto, 
Ka Toa.


  1. Aloha Amie

    I really like your pepha. It is very detailed and you made your own one up (One that wasn't on the summer learning journey. I would be cool if you did one in a different language.


    1. Aloha Lily, thanks for commenting! I have also seen your pepeha and it was also quite detailed Too! It would be too hard for me to do it in a different language. Thank you!
      From: Amie

  2. Kia ora Amie

    Thank you so much for sharing your pepeha. This is an awesome way to share basic information about your family and where you come from. You have done some research on your pepeha, where did you find this template. I am very proud of my pepeha and where I come from, so I thought I'd share mine with you too.

    Ko Ruapehu taku maunga.
    Ko Waikato taku awa.
    Ko Tutahi Tonu taku marae.
    Ko Campbell taku iwi.
    Ko Lafferty taku hapu.
    Ko Megan taku ingoa.
    No England ahau.
    Kei Mangere Bridge e noho ana inaianei au

    You have been very busy with the Summer Learning Journey and I am very impressed, Amie. I will not be actively responding to your blogs over the next 10 days but we will have other bloggers engaging with you.

    Happy holidays,
    Megan :)

  3. Kia Ora Megan, thank you so much for taking your own time and commenting! I actually haven't done any research on my pepeha, at school we use to learn about our own pepeha. So this template was from school. I really like your pepeha Iv'e been to Mt. Ruapehu to ski before, Have you been up Mt. Ruapehu because it is your mountain? I am glad that I have made you impressed! I can understand why you are too busy to comment on all of my Summer Learning Journey blog posts! Thank you for commenting! Merry Christmas!
    From: Amie

    1. Hey Amie,

      That is so cool you have been skiing on Mount Ruapehu. Did you enjoy it? Yes, I have been skiing on Mount Ruapehu many times. It is such an incredible icon of New Zealand. There are not many volcanoes around the world that you can ski on. Hopefully I will get down there for a ski this winter.

      I hope you have enjoyed your summer holidays. I am looking forward to returning to Waikowhai Primary School in a few weeks with prizes and certificates for everyone.

      I hope you are staying sheltered from the rain today,
      Megan :)

    2. Malo e lei lei Megan, wow it has been quite a while since I heard been talking with the group in the summer learning journey. I have actually already started school a few days ago and it was super fun!

      My school I use to go to was Waikowhai primary school but currently I go to Waikowhai Intermidiate, I hope to see you there and see who will win the amazing prizes and certificates! Until next time bye!
      From: Amie

    3. Hey Amie,

      We have missed your activity. We are all finished with the programme now and I am tallying all the points. That is very exciting that you have started at Waikowhai Intermediate already. Is it much different to Waikowhai Primary? Thank you for sharing your new school with me I will most definitely be seeing you in the next few weeks. I will note it down in my diary now.

      Enjoy your day,
      Megan :)

    4. Guten Tag Megan, I hope that I will be one of the top 3 bloggers out There! It is very different because there is a lot of tall people compare to me, and we have very different uniforms and rules. It is great that you have noted every important things in your diary! Can't wait to see if I have won any Prizes!
      From: Amie


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