Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Art Deco - Activity 2

Hello Blogging world! Have you ever liked a piece of art that was very creative? Well that is called art deco. For today's 2nd activity we had to be judges and judge this amazing piece of artwork by Tamara De Lempicka. Here is the drawing. Do you like this self portrait of her driving her car? Well I do.

Here is what I rated this drawing,

5 star rating! I rated this self portrait of her 5 because it is very detailed and the shadows for the person is in the right position and everything is very equal and perfect. The colours looked very vintage too knowing that it is a long time ago. 

From making this blog post I learnt that art started becoming popular in the 1920s. It was hard to rate this drawing because it is very stunning and all the colours are bold but the hand looks very big compared to the face. It was easy to say why it was 5 star rating because it is very detailed. If you enjoyed this blog post please feel free to leave a comment about this work that I did. Bye! Bye! Blogging world!


  1. Hi Amie,

    It's great to read that you really enjoyed the Art Deco painting that we chose for this activity. I also really like it as I tend to prepare paintings with dark, bold colours to those that are soft and whimsical. When I was growing up in Canada my grandmother had some Art Deco pieces in her house and I always associate the art form with her.

    Do you have any special pictures in your house? I have a picture that my son, Aronui, drew for me in my bedroom. It's a portrait of me that he drew in class at the end of Term 4. He's just seven years old so he's still quite new to the world of painting but I love it because he made it for me. Do you have any special pictures that you really love?

    Can't wait to read your next post. They are so entertaining, informative and thoughtful.

    Great work, Amie.

    Rachel :)

    1. Hi Rachel, I loved this activity because I love art! I do have 1 special picture in my house which is my self portrait that I did when I was in room 1 because that was my first time drawing myself! I don't actually have much special pictures that I really love but again I like my ever first portrait. Thanks for the comment!
      From: Amie


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