Friday, December 8, 2017

Summer Learning Journey!

Hello Blogging world! Today a lady named "Megan," came in to talk about what we can do in the summer holidays to stay smart. We do these activities that are about knowledge and learning. Everyone registered into their own accounts. Everyday there is only limited 3 activities or you can do commenting. This years summer learning journey starts in 18th December 2017 to 26th January 2018. I chose a activity and I had to choose a country I would like to visit. Here is what a picked, England and why. 

I would like to travel to England because England is very far away and in summer the temperature is like New Zealand's temperature so I would be fine with the temperature. The second reason why I want to go to England is that England is the #1 prettiest country because it has amazing sights! That's all the reasons why I want to go to England. I hope you have enjoyed my blog post and would feel free to leave a comment. Here is the link for their page click here. Bye! Bye! Blogging world!

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