Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Big 'OE' - Activity 2

Hello Blogging world! In the 1980s graduating became incredibly popular. When people graduated they always went to other countries to live or work before studying. A number of Kiwis went to Australia and England. This was also called the "Big Overseas Experience," long for the big OE. For this activity we had to imagine we were a student in the 1980s where would you travel and why? Here is where I would go.

England is a country that takes about 2 days to get to if you are from New Zealand. England is also close to Germany, Switzerland and France. I chose this country because it is the #1 prettiest country. I also picked this because England even has their own famous song, "London Bridge Is Falling Down." I also want to go to this country because England has a lot of famous buildings. Here is some photos and what I would like to do and see.

I would like to see  the Big Ben and also see the London Bridge. At England I would love to visit and explore a England castle.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! Please feel free to leave a comment about where you would go if you graduate. Bye! Bye! Blogging world!


  1. Good Afternoon Amie.

    The Big OE - Such a famous thing to do as a kiwi. You have shared a very detailed post here including telling your audience about what task you had to complete. This shows me you have thought about your audience and included details so they understand what they are reading about. Have you had the opportunity to travel outside NZ before?

    I have to agree with you England would definitely be on my list of places to travel, and you also gave us some really good reasons why you would want to travel there also. Being close to other countries makes it really easy to travel and see other places and cultures that are close by.
    I was lucky enough as a child to be able to live in England with my family for a few years. I was born in NZ but moved to England to live when I was fairly young, I went to see the Big Ben and also London Bridge like you shared here. Its great that you included pictures as it brings back memories for me.

    Keep up the excellent work Blogging here Amie and Im excited to see more of your fantastic work.


    1. Good Afternoon Clare, I have before I have been to China which is my country. I wish I would be able to go to England some day. Thank you for commenting!
      From: Amie


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