Thursday, January 4, 2018

The 4 O’Clock News - Bonus Activity

Hello Blogging world! In 1982 a Maori Launguage show started and still is available to watch today. Just go on channel 1 at 3:55pm and you would see it! There is this man named Scotty Morrison and he hosts this channel he could interview anyone. For this Bonus Activity we had to imagine that were Scotty Morrison and we could interview anyone we wanted to. I would like to interview Jacinda Arden.

I would like to choose Jacinda Arden because she lives in New Zealand so that she doesn't have to travel that far to New Zealand, and she is our new prime minister. I would ask her if she likes being the prime minister of New Zealand? I would also ask if she is very tired of being the prime minister?

From making this blog post I learnt that Scotty Morrision hosts the Maori Language show. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! Who would you have interviewed? Tell me in the comments! Bye! Bye! Blogging world!


  1. Hi Amie.

    My Name is Clare and Im part of the Summer Learning Journey. I loved reading your blog post here and the image you posted of Jacinda Ardern really grabbed my attention. Partly because I am also a fan of hers but also because I was very lucky to get to meet her last year when she came into my classroom to see what my students were learning about.
    We were all very nervous when she came in as she had lots of media with her and politicians all asking us questions about our learning.
    I have to say she is very fun and easy to talk to, She also let me take a selfie with her so that was my highlight and claim to fame.

    I think its an interesting question that you have said here where you might ask her if she is tired of being the Prime minister of NZ. I am assuming you are asking this as she is always busy and traveling constantly for her job. This is a question I have also thought about before. Maybe she has a lot of energy as a person and a non give up attitude.

    I like how you have engaged your audience by asking them a question, this is going to encourage people to comment on your blog post and interact with you here.
    Keep up the great work Amie and I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.


    1. Hola Clare, she actually came to our school once too, but not everyone met her. We were still lucky enough to. She probably does have a non give up attitude because that is why she is the prime minister. Thank you for commenting!
      From: Amie


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