Friday, January 5, 2018

Hiking Tongariro - Day 5

Hello Blogging world! In 1990 one of the biggest national parks was Tongariro, It is truly a wonderful view! Every year over a thousand people come to cross the Tongariro Crossing. For this activity we had list 5 things that we would have to bring to hike Tongariro. Here is my 5 things.

  1.  Rain coat because you don't know when the weather is going to change at Tongariro.
  2.  2 bottles or more water because hiking Tongariro is hard work!
  3.  Sunhat for the sun.
  4.  Jacket in case the weather changes.
  5.  A backpack to carry everything you need.

Those were just basic stuff that you will always need on a hike. If you found this blog post interesting and helpful please comment down below! Bye! Bye! Blogging world!


  1. Hi Amie,

    Great list, you’ve covered five really good necessities you should take with you. Though I do wonder if two bottles of water is enough, I guess it depends on how much water each bottle carries.. Had you thought about taking along any food for sustenance? Hiking for one whole day would require a lot of energy..

    If I were to go on this hike I would definitely take sunscreen, sunglasses, hiking shoes, trail mix, beef jerky, warm clothes and a three litre bottle of water. If you could change your list, what else would you include?

    Toe feiloa’i fo’i,


    1. buenas tardes Cia, maybe take some nuts and fruit with you, and some energy lollies. I would include sunscreen, sunglasses, hiking shoes and beef jerky. You list definitely made me think why didn't I write that? Nice list!
      From: Amie


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