Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Modern Learning Environments - Bonus Activity

Hello Blogging world! Over the past years some schools have changed their classrooms either bigger or different learning. People had MLE which is short for Modern Learning Environment. My previous school made a different type of classroom but it was ILE which is short for Innovative Learning Environment. Some prefer MLE while some are still not sure. For this activity we had to design our own creative classroom and write why it is special and why we designed it this way.

This is my classroom. I use google drawings and took a screenshot and then used thing link to talk about my classroom. Just hover over the image and you will find these dots hover over them too and it will describe what you need to find out. This classroom is special because it is very colourful and makes kids want to learn even more! I designed it this way so that kids can have fun while learning. I hope you have enjoyed my classroom. I forgot to write that the seats were bean bags too, so that is my goal for next time! Please leave a comment if you like my class. Bye! Bye! Blogging world!


  1. Mālō e lelei Amie,

    What an awesome design you have created for your modern leraning classroom. I really love that you have included an art room, especially as you are an aspiring artist. I am amazed at how many smart tv's are in schools these days. This classroom is a very similar layout to your current classroom at Waikowhai School. Is there anything you would change about your class?

    You are doing such an incredible job with your posts Amie. I enjoying logging on in the morning and seeing more of your work. I would love to see you encouraging other students who are also completing the Summer Learning Journey by commenting on their posts. Take a look at the twitter feed and admire some other students work.

    I am looking forward to seeing tomorrow's activities.

    Blog you later,

    1. Mālō e lelei Megan, I would have added a kitchen for like experiments or cooking. I will check out some peoples blogs out! Thanks for commenting!
      From: Amie


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