Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A Bilingual Schooling System - Bonus Activity

Hello Blogging world! For the past century schools in NZ only taught 1 language which was English. In 1972 a Nga Tamatoa member submitted a change for school to learn more than 1 language and also learn Maori in New Zealand schools. We still learn it to this day.For this activity we have to write a letter to our principle about if we would like to learn different things, here is my letter to my recent principle.

Dear: Mrs. Peterson,
Kia Ora Mrs. Peterson this is Amie from Waikowhai Primary School. I have been participating in the Summer Learning Journey and would like for a change in your school. I would like to learn more useful languages so next time you can maybe be a translator when you grow up? Going to school for 5 days is still perfect but the amount of cars everyday will have to be parked on the side so maybe our school can try make the parking available again? Thank you for your time.
From: Amie

There was my message. It was polite and respectful I hope you have tried out writing a letter to your principle if your school should change anything? It was hard to think about the changes we could have because Waikowhai Primary School is already a great and cool school! Here is also a link to our school website. Please feel free to leave a comment down below! Bye! Bye! Blogging world!


  1. Hi Amie,

    I appreciate you being ambitious in your letter, I can see that you asked for three changes (big ones at that). What did you mean by learning useful languages? Were you talking about languages that are most commonly spoken around the world perhaps? A suggestion for next time, try to make sure you ask for one big change and provide some fair reasons about why they should be considered.

    I once wrote a letter to my Mum to convince her to change her no pet rule, I remember saying it would help relieve stress. Well it worked and we have always had feline and canine company within our family for the past 15 years, it’s been great! If you could write a letter to anyone in the world to make a change, who would it be and why?

    Toe feiloa’i fo’i,


    1. Bonjour Cia, Yes I meant languages that were usually spoken around us so next time we can speak to more people. I would also write it to my Mum too because she doesn't want pets because of their fur getting everywhere and their care. Thanks for the comment!
      From: Amie


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